GENERAL PRIME TANNERS is a tannery based in India for over two decades. Grasping the dynamics of the world markets, implementing the technology required in producing the world class leather and persistently striving to meet the delivery schedules are few of the key features that has helped General Prime Tanners in emerging as one of the frontline manufacturers and exporters of leather.

What we do:

We specialise in making goat suede and related articles for shoes, garments and accessories. Our product line includes Nappalon, Burnish suede, Antique suede, water repellent leather, Foiled leather and more. All our products are manufactured in an eco-friendly atmosphere with an eye on quality which testifies our excellence.

When we deliver:

Touted for our speedy and prompt delivery schedules, we have garnered ourselves a place in the vendor’s list of many big brands world over. Samples are given top priority and are delivered within two weeks’ time.

How we deal:

General Prime Tanners is synonymous with transparency and honesty which has helped us evolve as a company which is trusted for its quality and delivery. Passion and probity has driven us to achieve a hallmark among our customers. Our leathers undergo stringent quality control measures and the result is an exquisite product which passes any brand RSL.